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The New Tennis

The game of Pickleball continues to grow in popularity, and although it is played by all ages, the vast majority are in the 50+ age group. The game is easier on the joints than most traditional court sports, and is played on a smaller court with a lighter paddle and ball. 

It offers the same benefits as other court sports with less wear and tear on the body. Development-related benefits include better hand-to-eye coordination, better balance and improved mental alertness.

Most games are played off-site and indoors in Mill Bay and Duncan. There are eight outdoor courts at Chemainus.

Players with previous tennis, squash, badminton or table tennis experience often become addicted to pickleball once they have tried the game. The learning curve is much easier than other sports.

One game takes about 15 minutes, so six to seven games can be played in a two hour session. This means everyone gets to meet and play with a lot of different people; it makes for a wonderful social scene.

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