Canada's Mediterranean A unique microclimate referred to as "The Warm Lands"


4 Distinct Seasons!

Imagine, escaping traditional cold winters and hot muggy summers. Nestled in the Southern Cowichan Valley, Arbutus Ridge is located in Canada’s only “Mediterranean” climate, referred to as “the warm lands” (in the native language “Cowichan”).

You’ll enjoy the four distinct seasons that make life in this unique sub-tropical microclimate so special.  The warm, bright summers with very little rainfall and few pesky bugs, the brilliant Fall days,  a blaze of colour,  the mild winters with limited snowfall, and the favoured early Springs starting in February, that fill your senses with the full colour spectrum of floral delights. 

Contrary to popular belief, precipitation is minimal because the area is located in the rain shadow of mountains.  Total annual precipitation is approx 610 mm as recorded at the Victoria weather station, compared with approx 1,600 mm in Vancouver and approx 830 mm in Toronto.

The Cowichan Valley is also noted to have Canada’s warmest, average year-round temperature. The high average seasonal temperatures, along with the frequent number of sunny days, offer a fertile environment for gardening, growing grapes, and producing sub-tropical vegetation such as Palm trees.

For the gardening and sports enthusiast, you’ll delight in four distinct seasons with endless options.  New residents coming from across Canada are often amazed with the large selection of plants and bird species and the optimal growing environment! And sports enthusiasts enjoy year round golfing, hiking, walking and other outdoor activities.

Lawns are optional. 

Acclaimed Wine Region …

The Cowichan Valley where Arbutus Ridge is located, is home to a thriving Wine Industry, Craft Breweries and Distilleries, as well as Canada’s first Estate Cidery, Meridale! In summer months you may enjoy visiting local vineyards, having lunch and sampling their wines.