The Arbutus Ridge Kayak club is a very active group. There are 40 members with over 30 boats. There are aluminum racks for storing the boats near the water. To get a kayak rack assigned to a resident, they will first become a member of the ARMA (approximately a $40 p/y fee),  plus pay a one time $100 rack fee.There is also a launch and recovery float attached to the dock to make entry and exiting from the boats easier.

There are numerous day trips possible to such as Genoa Bay, Cowichan Bay and Mill Bay. One trip takes you down to Victoria where you listen to the Victoria Symphony Orchestra perform while sitting in your boat.

There is an affiliation with the Cowichan Kayak and Canoe Club. They have trips all year. They undertake multi day trips up to 7 days to areas such as the Broken Island, the Deer Group, and the Tofino area. These trips do include camping in tents etc.


Kayaking in Front of Arbutus Ridge

Kayaking in Front of Arbutus Ridge