Life is a climb But the view is great!


Weekly hiking with the       AR Ramblers 

“Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.”  — John Muir

If one were to describe the Cowichan Valley in one sentence for it’s natural offerings I think they would be hard pressed to accomplish it or even succeed. Tall trees, mighty flowing rivers, mountain vistas, craggy cliffs, ocean coastlines and waterfalls are but a few of what would need to be included.  For a quick view into some of the more popular hikes in the area you might want to check out  Tourism Cowichan Hikes

If you enjoy hiking then the Ramblers at the Ridge are the group to join. Most weeks, weather permitting, there is a hike.   Annually the Club sponsors Mega Rambles which take place further away and occupy two or three days. These involve a hotel stay and a different hike each day in the local area.