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Homes for Sale by Owners or non-MLS Listings

Other than non-MLS listings, the listing information displayed on this page is provided by Arbutus Ridge (Strata Plan 1601) for information purposes only. This is a free service for Arbutus Ridge property owners. Arbutus Ridge does not guarantee the accuracy of the information. All negotiations regarding the listed properties are between the buyer and the property owner, and do not involve Arbutus Ridge (Strata 1601).

House for sale


We will be listing our home with a real estate company in 2 weeks time ( mid May)
It is a 1230 sq ft bungalow at 3686 Arbutus Drive N - 2 bed, 2 bath, sunroom built on a slab.
If you are interested or know of someone that is - give us a call prior to mid May -
Jim or Ange 778-356-2410


Listings Updated: May 29 2023 11:44:51 pm