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Homes for Sale by Owners or non-MLS Listings

Other than non-MLS listings, the listing information displayed on this page is provided by Arbutus Ridge (Strata Plan 1601) for information purposes only. This is a free service for Arbutus Ridge property owners. Arbutus Ridge does not guarantee the accuracy of the information. All negotiations regarding the listed properties are between the buyer and the property owner, and do not involve Arbutus Ridge (Strata 1601).

Are you interested in selling your ocean view home?!

    We are interested in purchasing a home in Arbutus Ridge with an ocean view.
    Shirlee and Randy MacDonald
    Please call or text: 780-910-1884 or 780-217-7425
    Or email us at: [email protected]

    Contact Information

    Shirlee MacDonald
    Listings Updated: May 29 2024 12:36:55 pm