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Arbutus Ridge Testimonial Maureen & John
Maureen & John
Golfing Arbutus Ridge
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Maureen & John Found the ideal Golf Community and life style in Arbutus Ridge after a holiday to the West Coast.

It started out as “simply a holiday”, a visit to Vancouver Island where we might escape the pressure of our jobs, our hectic lives and the hot muggy summers in Toronto. It was during this holiday that we were introduced through friends to Arbutus Ridge and our lives were changed forever.

We immediately fell in love with the beauty of the Island and the amenities of this wonderful community called Arbutus Ridge. We knew we had found the place that would allow us to play golf, learn to kayak, cycle and hike; where we could spend our days pursuing a healthy active lifestyle in a vibrant community. It was all here.

We returned home to Ontario excited, inspired and focused on creating a plan to return to Arbutus Ridge to live. It took us three years to make the transition and it has been the best decision of our lives – to return to this welcoming environment not so much to retire, but as a place where we can live fully.

We always worried about what we’d do with our time once we retired. Well, we’ve never been busier! Our move to Arbutus Ridge was the best decision of our lives.

~ Maureen & John