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Single, Active and Safe in Arbutus Ridge. One of Arbutus Ridge’s early pioneers!

We originally thought it would be too expensive to live in Arbutus Ridge! In 1988 the developer was marketing “Canada’s first gated 50+ community” nation wide. Arbutus Ridge was advertised in Reader’s Digest, Canadian Living, Billboards and Trade shows. New residents were arriving from across Canada and around the world! It was an exciting time.

My husband Les and I moved to Arbutus Ridge in 1989 to escape the cold winters in Calgary. At that time there were only 144 homes in the first phase. As much as things have changed a lot in 23 years, many things are still the same! The top reasons we bought originally were because of security, climate and the opportunity to connect with like­ minded people. Those are largely the reasons that I have stayed here as a single for the last 10 years as well!

I’m happy to think that I can stay in my lovely home of 23 years, well into my later years, even after I can no longer drive! The City bus comes into Arbutus Ridge and taxi services are readily available to take me where I need to go. Security is the biggest factor that allows me to feel safe living in my home as a single however! There are never strangers at my door, I feel safe walking around the community at all times and if there were ever an emergency, security offer first line of response with CPR while the ambulance is on its way. When I travel annually, I never worry about my home. I always know everything is safe and sound.

The endless things to do in Arbutus Ridge help me to stay active, healthy and feel youthful. Over the years, I have volunteered a lot and participated in many clubs. The great friendships I have enjoyed over the years make me feel blessed and enthusiastic about aging with grace. The “girls”, are always doing something together, dining out, travelling, and supporting one another through thick and thin. Arbutus Ridge is the best place in the world to live.

~ Eva

Arbutus Ridge Testimonial Eva