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Still wanting to work, but live in paradise, they chose Arbutus Ridge because it is only 30 minutes to Vancouver by floatplane, and they were able to build their dream homeon the water.

“We wanted to continue to work, but also live in a community / village‐like setting where neighbours are also your friends. When we discovered Arbutus Ridge, our first impression was that communities like this only existed in the US. We were immediately attracted to the gated security, the golf course, the marina and the opportunity to meet new people through the numerous clubs. However, the most important attraction was the ability to build our dream home ‐ right on the water.
Because of the great prices at Arbutus Ridge, we realized that if we could manage the logistics of getting to Vancouver occasionally for meetings, that we did not have to wait until we retired to make our dream come true. We could do it now!!
As we have to often attend business meetings in downtown Vancouver, logistics were important to us. Fortunately, there are several floatplane companies that make the 30‐minute trip (from Maple Bay) to downtown Vancouver, at convenient times throughout the day. On the days when we have to work in Vancouver, we have breakfast at home, arrive by plane in downtown Vancouver (as early as 8:30 AM), we work all day in Vancouver, and then catch the plane home in time for dinner. If we have to go to Calgary or Toronto, there is daily service from Victoria International Airport, which is only a 50-­minute drive from Arbutus Ridge. So while we live in paradise, we can still have very active business careers.
So, we made it happen, we started a dream life in a dream location. We get up in the morning, have coffee on our deck looking out over the ocean, walk the dog along the waterfront, then head back to the home office for a little work… And on the slower days, we may even fit in a quick round of golf, a Zumba class, or a leisurely glass of wine on the patio with a passing neighbour.”
~ Barbara & Cliff
Arbutus Ridge Testimonial - Barbara & Cliff
Barbara & Cliff